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I will never forget the day I got kicked out of the bathroom in sixth grade during recess. My friends and I were putting on our mom's makeup instead of going outside with the rest of the kids. This is when I knew I had an obsession with makeup. Growing up as an artist I would draw, paint, and doodle what I would see in my dreams and daydreams. I would also watch runway shows and obsess over the high fashions that top designers would create. This is the first time in my life where I am doing what I love by combining my artistry, fashion, and my love for makeup. Creating makeup, and sleepwear allows me to incorporate all of my passions of makeup, fashion, and artistry in one. The cosmetics industry has been selling to billions for years with over priced products made of harsh chemicals. Now, introducing Pink Euphoria.

A cosmetic/sleepwear brand that only uses vegan ingredients, no harsh chemicals, parabens, or toxins. A brand that will make you feel fresh, rejuvenated, and beautiful. All of our products are hand made with LOVE. Our brand represents your Euphoric dreams that only you can vision because you saw it with your mind, not with your eyes.


Pink Euphoria